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Our Services

When you have to move documents, mail, and packages quickly and reliably, Central Delivery Service is your best choice. Founded in 1946, Central Delivery Service has set the standard for responsiveness and dependability for thousands of customers over the years.

Our Northeast Wisconsin delivery system provides businesses with a fast and convenient way to deliver packages. Our reliability and experience as a courier and mail service provider has earned us the trust of clients throughout the region.

No matter the type of delivery service your business needs, our couriers can handle it. From interoffice materials to medical specimens, we take extraordinary care to handle each parcel properly and ensure its safe, timely delivery.

Central Delivery Service provides its clients with several options for delivery. Whether you need Same Day or Nexy Day delivery or simply want daily deliveries between your office facilities, we offer the solution you need. If you need special delivery services, we can work with you to create a custom schedule that works best for your company.

We work with businesses throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

  • Courier Service

    Same-Day Delivery:  For time sensitive parcels, we pick up your correspondence, paperwork and packages and deliver them within the same day, assuring a safe arrival.  We provide this service both on an exclusive basis and prescheduled service.

    Next-Day Delivery:  The same reliable service as described above, but at a considerable savings for those who don't need same-day delivery.

    Scheduled Couriers for Interoffice and Satellite Offices: If your business has multiple locations, this service will surely suit your unique requirements.

    Medical/Specimen Couriers: Laboratory results often times hinge upon timely delivery to the intended recipient. The faster the results are delivered, the more satisfied the recipient. We are trained couriers capable of carrying blood, urine, medicine, medical charts, and lab specimens.

    Bank Couriers: Central Delivery Service will customize its service to transport your interoffice material between bank branches and will provide check pick up and delivery to your check clearing business partner. Central Delivery Service is fully insured. Whether your bank has 2 branches or 50 branches, Central Delivery Service will tailor its service to meet your courier and delivery needs.

  • Mail Service

    Mail Service From and To Post Office: We service many accounts that share this requirement. When timely decisions are critical to your business model, mail arriving late in the day can be detrimental to your bottom line.

    Mailroom Management: We can run your mailroom from desk to delivery, sorting, and running postal mail. One call does it all.

    Multiple locations? Growing needs? Satellite offices across Northeast Wisconsin? We can help. One call does it all. Contact us today to discuss a custom tailored service for your business needs.

  • Logistics Consulting

    Central Delivery Service is an independent consult. Our logistics consultancy is not affiliated with manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and providers of material handling and warehouse management and logistics and supply chain execution software. As your logistics consultant, systems designer, and partner, we promise to provide analysis, concepts, and solutions that are unbiased and specifically tailored to your requirements and best interests.